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 Amazon Tree Boa HELP!!

hello mates
so i bought an amazon tree boa from this breeder in las vegas and i just received it today. when i took it out of the box it had pieces of old shed stuck to him. when i looked at his belly i noticed this. idk what this is and i never came across anything that looks like this. when i let him on the ground and he crawls around the scales cover it and it looks fine but once i pick it up this comes up. i put it into a tub with warm water to soak some of the old shed off and when i took him out and started brushing some skin off a tad bit of came out and some blood. the pic shows after i had him in the water and after i wiped the off. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

12/13/11  03:32pm


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  Message To: Mikeo   In reference to Message Id: 2247067

 Amazon Tree Boa HELP!!

I’m just going to start by stating you should seek out a reptile vet, as well as try harder to seek help through this forum and others if need be. DIG man, and you should find out. people here are really intenligent towards the animals they keep and could possibly direct you in the right place for answers ... but what else i have to say to the eversion of the cloaka(or so it seems).. i was digging through pictures of snakes on the web and i remembered your post. take this in and see if it fits. some snakes under extream stress or threatened state of being will evert there butt and release blood along with a fowl smell as a sign to leave them along or if in fact they think there going to be eaten or otherwise harmed, will do this. if you seek a vet, inform him of the species of snake it is and locality and add that little note to it and see if there is a similarity to the type of snake it is. i dont know much about atb’s, although i did keep one for quite some time as a yearling. it was also well adapted and tame with me. ate well and everything was fine.
...good luck and let me know what the outcome was!

01/13/12  08:25am


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  Message To: OneMode   In reference to Message Id: 2250835

 Amazon Tree Boa HELP!!

i have seen this on cornsnakes when people try to sex them and they do it wrong. did you try to sex it?

02/13/12  11:30am


Allie Matieuski
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  Message To: Chameleon_man   In reference to Message Id: 2255050

 Amazon Tree Boa HELP!!

I Had This Problem With One Of My Ball Pythons, And It Proved Fatal. See A Vet, NOW.

11/04/12  03:23pm

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