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 New boa

I’m trying to decide what type of snake will be my next. I’ve had boas in the past (redtails and a columbian) and I loved them. I now only have room for a smaller species. I have a 4’ x 2’ x 2’ tank. I want a snake who will eat well and will not be overly aggressive as I enjoy letting others handle my snake. I only want info about snakes you’ve personally owned. I could read care sheets all day. I’m interested in your personal experience.

12/11/11  12:04am


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 New boa

Get whatever appeals to you. Temperament varies with each individual, and can differ from keeper to keeper...heck it can vary from day to day.

Find something you like and ask the breeder about its temperament, or better yet if you can see the boa in person prior to purchase, than ask to handle it.

My personal favorites are Nicaraguan boas. Some say that they have a nasty disposition but most of those people have limited experience with them.

Hog Islands aren’t bad. Although just a few years ago they were considered to be evil biting machines.

Many boas (especially Central American ones) are very defensive in their cages but are sweethearts when removed.

Also note that just because a boa that becomes accustomed to you does not mean that it will be docile for other people.


12/12/11  07:17am

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