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 Rosy boas, pics (DUW)

Hello all. I’m Josh (rosybozo). I’ve kept rosy boas for many years. Coldblooded666 just showed me this forum, and it looks pretty cool. I thought I’d share some pics of a few rosy boas I have, or have had.

There’s such a wide variety of color and pattern with the rosy boa. They are an absolute blast to work with.

My daughter with a Baja CA

Bay of LA (Baja Calif, Mex)

Unrelated rosys from Carrizo road (coastal).

Colonets produced by Jerry Hartley (Baja Calif, Mex)

Dulzura, in the wild. Southern CA, near the mexican border.

Lake Chapala (Baja Calif, Mex)

The next two are from Long Canyon (Desert).

San Matias pass (Baja Calif, Mex)

Next two are White Water’s (natural Desert and Coastal integrades)

White Water Albino (natural Desert and Coastal integrades)

Limburg Anery

04/28/10  02:17pm


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  Message To: Rosybozo   In reference to Message Id: 2144014

 Rosy boas, pics (DUW)

Hi Josh,

Beautiful Rosy’s you have. I was looking for an email address for you, since you
have some Rosys Im interested in buying babies, etc.

Please contact me at



06/24/12  12:18am


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  Message To: Bluesrains   In reference to Message Id: 2271013

 Rosy boas, pics (DUW)

those rosy boas are amazing i wish i could buy some of you they are amazing and i am always looking forward to having a new snake sadly i live over seas but try contact me at or .id thanks

10/16/12  12:21am

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