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 All my Animals! (very pic heavy)


Just thought I’d show ’em off.

Name - Show Name - Age - Breed - Color - Gender

Esperanza - Crystal Clear - 7 Years - Appendix - Rose Grey - Mare

Tristen - Elissar - 7 Years - OT Thoroughbred - Bay - Gelding

Disney - Trinidad - 20 Years - OT Thoroughbred - Bay - Gelding

Ember - Firefly - 3 Year - Welsh Pony - Chestnut Paint - Mare

The wash stall

Their Pens. They all hve pends that are 20 ft x 20 ft

The aren(a work in progress). We’re going to use rubber mulch and angular sand as footing, so we can still ride in the wet. It rains almost every day and in the winter snows pretty much every day.

That’s my dog out there, for size comparison

Tack Room:


Barbados Blackbelly Sheep - Casterated Buck

Boer Goat Buck

Nigerian Dwarf - Doe

Nigerian Dwarf - Buck

He has a perfect heart on his head. x33

Nigerian Dwarf - Buck

Nigerian Dwarf - Buck

Nigerian Dwarf - Doe



Rikka - Akita - Unspayed Female - 8 months old

Ayla - Mix - Spayed Female - 8 Months

Erin - Mix - Spayed Female - 7 Months


Breed - Gender

Rhode Island Red - Hen

Back Sex Link - Hen

White(I forgot the full name) - Hen

Americana - Hen

New Hampshire Red - Rooster

Rhode Island Reds - Hens(supposedly)

Black Rock something - Hens(suppoedly)


Species - Name - Gender - Morph

Brazilian Rainbow Boa - Quen - Male - Normal

Rosy Boa- Serendipity - Female - Coastal

Leopard Gecko - Jericho - Male - Mack Snow

Leopard Gecko - Rhiatta - Female - Hypo

Leopard Gecko - Rosharia - Female - Patternless

Leopard Gecko - Riki - Female - Rainwater Albino Mack Snow Patternless

Leopard Gecko - Kazm - Male - Raiwater Albino Mack Snow Patternless


My Tractor:

The Compactor(Not mine):

The Tractor(not mine):

09/07/09  08:18pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2069000

 All my Animals! (very pic heavy)

Wow, you have a zoo!
How’s your Rosy doing?

09/07/09  10:13pm


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  Message To: ColdBlooded666   In reference to Message Id: 2069074

 All my Animals! (very pic heavy)

Haha, yeah, it’s a lot of work but I love it!

And she’s doing great. I’ve been having to feed her less since she’s getting to be a fattie, lol. But she’s doing great. I handled her today, and apparently feeding her less often has taken it’s toll! She struck at me and latched onto my hand, lol. Teaches me to feed my rainbow boa right before handling her! I got bit by both of them today, on the same hand! She gave me two puncure wounds and my rainbow gave me 4. Let’s just say my had was ery red this morning, lol.

09/07/09  10:59pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2069096

 All my Animals! (very pic heavy)

We had to cut back feeding on one of ours because she was getting fat. We now feed both every two weeks and they’re not looking as fat anymore, so maybe do that instead.

I would always wash my hands after handling prey items before handling them. My male I think latched on to me one night because I smelled like the cat, even after washing my hands but I’m not entirely sure why he decided to bite, he has weird moods like that!

09/07/09  11:52pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: ColdBlooded666   In reference to Message Id: 2069109

 All my Animals! (very pic heavy)

What a lot of work to keep up with everything. The Brb looks sooo much better over all. Hopefully those old scars will heal up, but its clear its getting much better care than when you first got it! Hope the arena turns out as fantastic as you plan. It’ll be nice to have a place to work out in without it being totally wet! Hopefully itll have good drainage.

Good luck with all your projects

09/08/09  12:04pm


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  Message To: Fairy Frog Mother   In reference to Message Id: 2069280

 All my Animals! (very pic heavy)

I usually always do wash my hands after feeding, but I just forgot yesterday. Lol. Oh well, it didn’t hurt that bad. I just discovered my rainbow gave me 16 punctures, not four.

Thanks, Fairy Frog Mother! I’ve been working with him a lot. He’s getting better. I was worried at first, when I couldn’t get him to eat, but now he eats on a regular schedule and he hasn’t refused at all.

And the arena’s going to be great. It took some careful plannng, and now we’ve almost got it done. So far we’ve cleared trees, pulled stumps, leveled, compacted, graded, compacted again, and we just put down all the crusher fine today. This week we’re going to grade the crusher fine, compact the crusher fine, and put out footing down. Then we just need to buy and install the metal panels and we’re done!

We should be riding in it my this Saturday. Wish me luck; my horse, Espy(The rose grey) is so crazy from not being worked. I tried riding her around the property a few times and kept getting bucked off, lol. She likes to buck. Luckily my collarbone has healed up nicely.

And it costed us a lot of money, but the rubber footing and angular sand really works in wet conditions. It doesn’t get slippery or muddy, doesn’t compact all hard, and doesn’t absorb water and be soaking wet. it just stays nice and fluffy. Damp, but fluffy. And It has good drainage. We’re elevating parts of it just a tiny bit higher than the others so the water will fun off into the forest.

09/08/09  07:55pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2069519

 All my Animals! (very pic heavy)

Rosy bites aren’t usually to painful. I’ve been bitten by my male a good 5 times, only once did he draw blood and left me 4 puncture wounds. It didn’t hurt when he did it but a while after it started to hurt and it was a little stiff. No big deal though! Here’s a pic of my lovely snake bite!

Before I cleaned it

The day after

09/08/09  11:53pm


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  Message To: Ammeratsu   In reference to Message Id: 2069000

 All my Animals! (very pic heavy)

I was wondering if I could see a picture of Tristen’s face marking?

06/25/15  04:28pm

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