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 Sheding problem maybe?

Ok i have a RTB that is about 2 months old and i have fed it like 7-8 times since i bought it. We also have a Ball python that sheds every 2-3 feedings, but this RTB hasnt shedded yet! So im concerned, RTBís are new to me cause i been sorta a ball python guy so this 7-8 feed no shed thing got me wondering, so i finally seek your advice. Should i Be concerned?

09/06/05  10:54pm


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  Message To: BallBoa   In reference to Message Id: 470070

 Sheding problem maybe?

Keep an eye on her but i wonít worry too much my is retail only 5 months and i had her since she was born and she only shed once by the time she was 2 months. it will probally shed soon

09/06/05  11:39pm


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  Message To: Maxima98   In reference to Message Id: 470128

 Sheding problem maybe?

your snake will shed when itís good and ready. just keep it well hydrated and healthy.


09/07/05  04:31pm

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