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Hello. I was noticing in your cage the.. "Subterrain"?.. and I wondered how easily that was cleaned. I’ve seen a lot of people just use newspaper, where as I’m sure its very easily cleaned up, it just doesn’t look as attractive.

Also, how often do RTBs deficate? urinate? (On average, lol, not their exact schedual)
Thanks so much!

(also, any one else, feel free to comment)

04/11/05  04:41pm


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all it is , is indoor/outdoor carpet. astro-turf i think is what it is called. it is very easy to clean just take it out and wash with hot water. i have a sprayer in my shower so i put it on the hardest setting and wash away. i also keep an extra piece cut so i can just change it quickly and then wont have to wait for the other to dry. it is also very cheap.

as far as urinating i am not really sure.
he defecates about once a week

04/11/05  07:03pm

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