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 Stole a Boa now I need help !!!

( disclaimer sorry for the title but wanted something eye catching) she isn’t really stolen. but step son moved in with us about 2 months ago and lets just say "gross neglect" is an understatement on how bad he has cared for her. so i modified my corns old enclosure and took her out of his room feed her, which was the first this little one in a half to 2 year old RTB has bee feed in the last " three or so months " <-- his words because my son cant really remember when the last time he feed her was. and put her in my tank this was three days ago and he hasn’t noticed yet. ill let you all know when he finally catches on. but in the mean time i need all the help i can get. ive only ever had a corn before. so im researching everything i can about her. and i would really appreciate any advise or links to good sources of info. also is there any way to know by looking at the boa if it is a Colombian or not? when my son first moved in he said the breeder said something about it being a Colombian mix or something. this of course meant nothing to me. but now im seeing that this might mean she will be on the smaller side id like to know. for future cage planning. at this time she is in a 4 1/2 foot long x 2 foot wide x 30 inch high glass doored tv stand. that i had made into a tank for my corn. it had or has a wire back that ive covered with a some Plexiglas that would go on a light. to hold the humidity in the air. on the hot side she has a ceramic heat bulb and an UTH source under her hide box of coco nut dirt or what ever its called from eco earth. and on the other side she a ceramic log to hide under for now im using a vaporizer to add humidity because that was all i had on hand. i know it adds hot air and if more likely to cause mold but im in Cali and right now and humidity isnt a thing for us. i am looking into a better way to give her humidity and putting that need into my plan for a new larger cage for her. ideas on that would be great to thank you all for any and all help.

05/19/18  10:05pm

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