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 New Red Tail mama needs advice

Hey guys. I’m new here. I’ve been an avid reptile enthusiast and owner for about 4 years now. 2 ball pythons, California king snake, western hog nose and a black rat snake. 2 days ago, my fiancé and I adopted/rescued a Red tailed boa. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed since reading tons of articles and different forums where the information varies so much. When we picked him up Sunday, all he had was an overhead lamp with a 125 watt bulb and was on aspen shavings. After hours of reading, I decided to pick up an UTH for him. I’m wondering now, if it is going to be to hot for his belly. It is too hot for me to leave my bare hand on there for any more than about 30 seconds. Should I purchase a thermostat to help regulate it? If so, what would you recommend? I also am unsure, due to conflicting information, as to whether or not I should use a heat lamp directly over the UTH? I really want to get this right in order to care for and not cause any injury to my amazing new pal. Way different than my Ball Pythons. Any input is greatly appreciated.

03/05/18  07:36pm


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 New Red Tail mama needs advice

For me personally I don’t really care for the over head lamps. They just get in the way. I have owned several boas and honestly having a large cage and a large heating pad typically does the trick. I also have a large water bowl for all of mine to soak in. I have the occasional bad shed but other than everything works great. No need to go for expensive domes and lights

03/06/18  09:10am

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