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The Beaded Lady   AntiAir  

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The Beaded Lady
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 New boa

okay i need help. I’m getting a boa tomorrow that i know almost nothing about. i know he is albino t positive but that’s about can anyone maybe help me identify what he is exactly. i can post new pictures tomorrow.

01/08/16  10:41pm


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  Message To: The Beaded Lady   In reference to Message Id: 2316475

 Mouth slightly open when idling

Is this normal... It only does this when its been idling for a while. I mean like after maybe an hour or so it. Its not always open, in fact its very rare but I thought I’d ask just to make sure. It doesn’t make any sounds or clicking or anything so I dont think anythings wrong but again just making sure!

02/24/16  11:24pm

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