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 Help with 2 yr old red tail

We have a beautiful red tail boa. It is my son’s who takes really good care of it. Its unknown if its male or female....assume male. We recently moved and his new cage is in a temporary area and is not in the best area of our home currently as it is quite cold. We were away for 2 months and the person taking care of our home did not take proper care of our snake and didnt replave the bulb in his lamp when it burnt out. His cage is custom made, 6 feet long 2 feet wide and 3 feet high. When we got home he was very lethargic and immobile. We have been spending every moment with him trying to encourage him from his (assumed) hibernating state.....however now he is 90% back to normal but he is not moving his head forward at all. He can move his body fine but he isn’t moving forward. His head is barely moving side to’s like he wants to but it’s not moving. I am worried he can’t move. Is this normal? We just adopted this snake recently and want to ensure we are doing everything we can for him. Any thoughts or suggestions? ??

11/18/15  06:59pm


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 Help with 2 yr old red tail

Same experience except it was my water monitor but if he’s been that long without heat I would see a herp vet because lethargy isn’t a good symptom. I’m surprised he doesn’t have an RI but keep him warm and see a vet asap.

11/18/15  10:15pm

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