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Herpenstein   Takahiro111  

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 Young Red Tail Getting Thin

Hello all, been a while since I’ve been on here. I recently bought a hypo RTB, he/she is probably a couple months old. I’ve been feeding her a fuzzy rat once a week, which leaves her with nice lump in the belly. She had that nice full, square shaped body for the first couple weeks. For the past two weeks I’ve fed her a very small pinkie rat halfway through the week as well. Problem is she is looking quite thin, I don’t want to overfeed her but she seems to be growing longer and thinner while losing a healthy amount of body fat.
Could it just be that she is going through a growth spurt right now and needs extra food?

10/24/15  01:37pm


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  Message To: Herpenstein   In reference to Message Id: 2315361

 Young Red Tail Getting Thin

It can be something else but if she’s not getting her body weight and eating I would see a vet

10/24/15  06:49pm

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