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Athena_boa   Takahiro111  

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 Need some advice

My boa is about 3 ft long living in a 30 gal tank I believe. I want to know If that’s big enough. It’s about as long as her but I feel like she’s smaller then most boas at this age. She doesn’t explore much, mostly hides in her bedding and sometimes moves at night. She has a screen lid and its obviously not creating enough humidity. So what I’m wondering is, A. Do I need a bigger tank?? B. Can I put glass over top of the screened Lid then lay my heat lamps down to create more humidity?? C. Is it normal for her to not explore much? I had a python and he never stopped slithering, but my boa does not. I just want to give her the best home and life I can. Thanks

02/10/15  01:33am


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 Need some advice

Every indiviual is different some people puts glass over the top. Maybe the cage is too small. My red tail is 8-9’ and he’s very active when he wanna be but I believe red tails likes some space unlike a ball python.

02/10/15  10:07am

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