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 Is my Boa a red tail?

Here’s the deal, I got a dark boa from a breeder (he’s friend of the family) and I just want to know if I am correct to call her a red tail boa.

Her mom is a red tail, and so is at least one of her sisters. No idea about her dad.
The problem is that she is very dark and there is only a hint of red in her tail and usually the first thing I read when going through Boa info sheets is that red tail boas are only a coloration, not a species/subspecies.

In short, should I call her a red tail because she has the genes (and a tiny amount of red) or should I just call her a boa because it’s very hard to see? I can post pictures in a few days, if anyone wants to see them.

01/30/15  10:25pm


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 Is my Boa a red tail?

Look up the definition of BCI and BCC

Boa constrictor imperator and Boa constrictor constrictor

Unless you have some excellent blood lines and documented paper work and lineage most likely you have a BCI boa
here is just 1 of many explanations.

Constrictor Imperator Vs Constrictor Constrictor
Everyone has heard of the terms Red-tail Boa Constrictor ,Boa Constrictor Constrictor (B.C.C.) and Common Boa Constrictor, Boa Constrictor Imperator (B.C.I.). But what is the difference between them? Many enthusiastic herpers love pointing out distinctions among all breeds of snakes, but for some reason, many people cringe when it comes to identifying the locality of these Boa Constrictors. The reason is simple: Boa Constrictors are hard to identify! The purpose of this article is to spread awareness on this topic. I will be pointing out some of the differences between Common Boas and Red-tail Boas. But the focal point of this article is to help understand why there is so much confusion when it comes to these two types of snakes regarding their localities.

Two of the most commonly known names of Boa Constrictor are the Red-tail Boas (or Red-tailed Boas, whichever you prefer) and the Common Boas. If you are like me, you might have thought that they are one in the same snake. This is incorrect, however. They are two entirely different subspecies. You may have even heard the commonly used term, "True Red-tail Boa," which is a supplemental explanation used to assure buyers that what they are getting is a real Red-tail Boa, and not a Common Boa in sheep’s clothing. Don’t get me wrong, Common Boas are just as beautiful and valuable. But the bottom line is this: someone had to come up with the marketing term "True Red-tail" because of the confusion surrounding BCI and BCC localities. When you see a "True Red-tail," what it really means is: "Yes, I am aware of the epidemic of mistaken locality labels, and I have taken the liberty of renaming this snake so you know that I am aware of the issue."
End Quote

See the article at the
www.herp center dot com/reptile-articles/boa-imperator-vs-boa-constrictor/

02/07/15  08:13pm

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