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 Flex Watt Heating Tape

Hello everyone,

Do anybody here uses the Flex Watt Heating Tape?
Where did you buy yours from?
How often do you have to buy more?
Would I be able to use it on Tupperware tote?
Is it possible to use the Flex Watt Heating Tape on the side of the tote instead of the bottom?


01/08/14  08:45pm


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  Message To: BamBam22   In reference to Message Id: 2302943

 Flex Watt Heating Tape

YEs you can use it anywhere...just regulate the temps with a dimmer switch or a thermostat. 80-90 F will note melt a tote.

Reptile Basics...good folks and will chat with you via phone or e mail.

03/29/14  08:47pm

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