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Naginismom   Motomo  

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 Muscle weakness

My RTB is a 1 year old female that I adopted from a pet store. She has been there for about a year, and was in the same cage where she was taken out only to be held. I am concerned as she seems to have very poor muscle control in a section of her body that is about 1/4 of her length. She has a tendency to "head whip" when we pick her up as if she is afraid she will fall. I have had her 2 weeks now, and she has already eaten a medium rat for me with no problem. I have been working with her daily- I put her down on the floor and try to get her to use all her muscles, and have been doing "aqua" therapy with her lower body every other day. Is this something that will resolve itself, or will the muscle stay contracted? Any help, or advice, would be greatly appreciated!

09/10/13  12:48am


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 Muscle weakness

I know your post is a couple months old so I would say that if you still have concerns about your snake, take her to the vet. There are a lot of possibilities, abscess, hernia, intestinal blockage, parasites, etc. Good luck!

11/26/13  08:53am

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