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 Fear of my RTB striking again

i have a 6 1/2 foot RTB and about a month ago she struck at me when I was holding her ever since then I havent really been picking her up much i have had her for 2 months during that time she was living in a 40 gallon breeder I didnt have the money to get another tank but now I just put her in a display case that is 6 feet long 2 feet tall 2 feet wide just put her in there today I wanna start handling her again but when ever I want to I get this fear that she will strike at me again any suggestions on how to get over that fear

08/11/13  10:31am


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  Message To: CRBmike   In reference to Message Id: 2300364

 Fear of my RTB striking again

wear leather gloves, go in with confidence. Animals can sense when someone is uncomfortable or fearful with them and will take full advantage of that. And as you probably know, the longer you wait, the more aggressive she could become.

08/21/13  10:46am


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  Message To: Mmarquis33   In reference to Message Id: 2300554

 Fear of my RTB striking again

My girl is over 8 ft. and 28 lbs. I get a little "apprehensive" every time I get her out. But I agree with the previous post. The longer you put it off, the harder it will be, for both of you. If you can’t get over the fear, then you should consider rehoming her. My suggestion would be to handle her 24 hours after a feed. She should be a lot calmer at that point. When I get my girl out, I have a long wooden spoon that I use to touch her on the head with. I stroke her head with it a few times and then I use the spoon to control her head while I gently grab her behind her head. Once I have her out of her cage, I just let her do her thing as much as possible, while being mindful of where her head is at all times. I also concentrate on handling her head often, to keep her from becoming head shy. And stay away from touching the tail too much. I’ve been told (and noticed first hand) they don’t seem to like that too much.
Good luck and deep breaths. Chances are it was a one time occurrence and she will redeem herself.

11/26/13  08:41am


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  Message To: CRBmike   In reference to Message Id: 2300364

 Fear of my RTB striking again

By your post, it is not clear when you RTB strike occurred. Did it occur shortly after you transplanted to it’s new tank? If so, it more then likely was due to stress of new surroundings. Was it just before or after shedding? Had you handled any other pet such as a dog, cat or prey item?

If it was just after transplanting, allow the RTB to acclimate to new surroundings.

Don’t forget..sometimes it is just due to the fact they are instinct driven and it was responding to some stimulus.

As mentioned, start back with gloves and "support’ it allowing it to move on it’s own. Protect your face.

Even "Fido" or "kitty cat" will bite the hand that feeds them. I have been bitten by boas & Pytons. I train dogs and have been bitten many times. It comes down to "At the end of the day..they are just animals in a human world".

Don’t be afraid...Be respectful of that fact. It is not if your be bite..Just when.

01/04/14  09:55am

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