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 Mean Boa

Well, this is my introductory thread to this forum. But, I have a little ,or big, problem (:. I have had a RTB for about 2 years. It is about 5 ft 6 in and is about as thick as an average forearm. HE used to be really tame and not hostile at all. But my science teacher assigned an environmental paper, and needless to say I typed a 45 page paper in about 2 weeks. Every night I would type for about 3 hours so I had no time to interact with the snake. He has always been a little temperamental so it does not surprise me that he is very aggressive now. Just to make it worse I have been avoiding handling him for a couple of weeks so I have made the problem worse. I have never gotten bit and can handle him without getting bit quite easily. The reason is because I am VERY good at reading body language. But that being said I want the old Napoleon back. The one that I could sit on the couch with, let him interact with others and show others that snakes can, in fact, be gentle. I have my whole family and all my close friends over the fear of snakes thanks to him. But I don’t know exactly how to "re-tame" him. He is well fed, his cage and environment are near perfect so that is taken care of. All I could think of doing is putting him on the floor and "petting" him for a couple of weeks every night. Then slowly try to hold after he gets used to my presence. Other than that what can I do to make him less "touch and go" if you get what i’m saying. Does anyone have any other ideas on how to go about this.

06/27/13  08:48pm


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 Mean Boa


I am kind of new to the world of snakes as well, but I do work with animals and am pretty good with behaviors... Anyway, a good method that I find success with with many other species could be to re-acclimate the snake to human interaction. You can do this by spending like ten or so minutes a night just sitting by the enclosure letting him see you and that your friendly and what not ya know? Then after a few days maybe stick your hand in with him for a few minutes, and just keep slowly adding on to the process until you’ve got him in your hands.


06/28/13  08:33am

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