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Mr olivers owner
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 Charlie growing up

its been awhile snce i posted so im updating my pictures of my baby charlie. he is now 4 feet long and 1 year old. he still has good markings, i bought him as a lipstick albino so well see if thats true when hes older. in the first pic hes 2months old now hes 1 year and 4ft long and still my cuddle bug. not shown well in the picture is his coral pink face and neck stripes, hes so beautiful and friendly

look how small he is its crazy how much hes grown

still never bitten by him

does anyone know when regular albinos markings fade completly?

05/07/13  10:17am


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  Message To: Mr olivers owner   In reference to Message Id: 2296982

 Charlie growing up

They dont fade ...they get darker with age as far as I know.

05/13/13  07:00pm

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