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Scottk   Cphill58  

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 Does he look skinny?

I recently aquired a male red tail from someone who couldn’t keep it any longer. I’m not new to snake, I have an amazon tree boa, ball python, blood python and a snow cornsnake. I’m asking this because I have not been around red tail for a while. The last one I was around was my moms and it was a big female, so I guess I’m going off of my memory and I can’t figure out if hes skinny or it’s just me. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I was told he’s between a 1yr-1 1/2 yrs old and I know that females get bigger.

03/06/13  12:52am


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 Does he look skinny?

He looks good and I compare that to mine about 2 years ago. Typical 4 foot eating medium rats and soon to be eating large. my female is now 7’ 6"

FIRST WEEK of Ownership


03/17/13  08:38pm

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