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 Help please

We recently purchased a 7 1/2’ rtb from a man on craigslist. He claimed that he was eating f/t. He also said that he was kept in a 40 gallon tank with astro turf and NO HEAT SOURCE. Said that he let all his snakes cool down during breeding season and didn’t feed during this time. Well, we spent the first week getting Ssam over a respiratory infection and he seems to be over that. We tried to feed a large f/t rat today and he showed absolutely no interest in eating. We also discovered that he has a few bright yellow and almost transparent scales on his belly, they may even seem to be slightly swollen. Any tips on getting him to eat and any ideas as to what the yellow scales might be? Any advice is appreciated. We have him in a 100 gallon with aspen substrate and his temps are around 86-88 on the hot side 60% humidity

03/02/13  10:33pm

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