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 Not Eating and Mites

I have had my Redtail since she was really small and from the start she was a great eater. Then in october she stopped eating and hadn’t eaten till a week ago when I assist fed her a pinky. She also looks like she is compacted and has only been pooping in little incriments. She has also had mites for awhile but I am slowly getting rid of them. The smorning I noticed she was squeaking and popping when she breathes. I currently have two lights over her cage and am keeping her cage about 85 degrees but I just did that today. Normally she has one light and it is about 77 degrees. So I am hoping that helps but what else could I do?

03/01/13  12:40pm


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 Not Eating and Mites

Hi first off the temps were too low so she wouldn’t eat and having mites will also cause them to stop eating but it also sounds like she has a R I you may need to take her to the Vet how big is she and how much does she weight how long have you had her cause she should be eating small adults or Hoppers not pinks unless you mean pink rays but I need more info to help you better so what size and type of enclosure do you have her in and what’s the humidity in her cage I would also like to know how long she has had the mites and what you’re doing to treat them

03/01/13  09:16pm

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