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 Is it possible to keep red tail boas too hot

Currently I’m using a tote with a 150watt reptile light bulb on one end with water under the lamp. and the other side is the cool area

There has been no weird behavior but I am curious if it’s possible to keep there area too hot. I’ve only had them a few days, they’ve been hanging out on the cool side the whole time. Other than when i handle them
What are the dangers and signs of keeping them too hot?


02/12/13  02:21am


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  Message To: Brrobinson2008   In reference to Message Id: 2291881

 Is it possible to keep red tail boas too hot

I’d like to know the Answer to this question as well I just got a new Rtb baby and my 20 gal tank broke and I don’t have money for a new one until March so I had to put him in a 10 gal he is hiding under the aspen bedding on the warm side so I hope he’s not too hot the temp on the hot side is 92 on the ground so IM sure that’s too hot the cool side temp is 70 this is why I hate small tanks a person can’t control the temps well btw the heat lamp IM using is 75 Watts and is lifted off the lid by wood blocks about 8" up so should I lift it higher or what and the humidity is 35% so I’m working on getting that higher anyways any advice is appreciated thanks

02/16/13  12:35pm


Kelso reptiles
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  Message To: ARENEPEZ   In reference to Message Id: 2292209

 Is it possible to keep red tail boas too hot

@binson, of course its possible as with any animal, they can not stand temps too high even humans. i would say anything above 100 degrees is too dangerous, for too long, thought the temps should stay about 90-95 on the warm side, and 75-80 on the cool side. they should always be able to go from cool to warm to thermuregulate. they also need humidity, being from the rain forest. about 50-60% humidity.

@ARENEPEZ the hot side is fine incfact you could raise it if you wanted too, the important thing is they should be able to thermuregulate. he should be fine in the tank for now depending on his size, how big is he? aspen is int really good for humidity, its more for dryer substrate, i would recommend changing to Eco earth, or rep-ti bark. or you could use paper towels and change them daily. you can mist the walls of the enclosure, a few times a day along with the substrate keep it moist/ damp. or just simply put a water dish directly under the heat light. or some spangum moss
best of luck to both of you guys and hope this helps.

02/18/13  01:30am


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  Message To: Kelso reptiles   In reference to Message Id: 2292335

 Is it possible to keep red tail boas too hot

I would like to object politely to Kelso’s reply.

I abhor Eco earth...when it dries out , and it will, the fine particles are inhaled by the snake and causes respiratory issues. I have seen juvenile snakes actually perish from this substrate. I implore you to use something like Kelso did mention...the bark or my favorite is Cypress Mulch.

Here is a good care sheet found right here on this forum ....

Care sheet

best temps are the same as those in the tropics a constant steady 85-90 and a cool area in the low 80’s ...the rain forests/jungles where these snakes reside are very steady temperature wise and wide fluctuations are not advised.

02/27/13  12:21am


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  Message To: Cphill58   In reference to Message Id: 2292818

 Is it possible to keep red tail boas too hot

I also have a question about heat, my 15 yr old boa has just changed enclosers n now I see he has a dry "blister" like bubble on his back,,, Never have seen this on him b4 & have had him/her all his life.... he has never had mites or mouth rot or scale rot so Im terrified it maybe is the beginning of scale rot??? he is Never in a dirty encloser either, he is my baby & am worried sick! ANYONE know what it could be? he also has Always shed full sleeves...... sad for my guy......:’(

07/20/15  09:30am


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  Message To: Carrie/poe   In reference to Message Id: 2314265

 Is it possible to keep red tail boas too hot

Can you get an image
Create a free account at Photobucket ..make an album ...upload it there
Then post the link here

07/21/15  12:00am

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