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 My Baby

Hey, so i have several reptiles and i recently added a baby red tail to my collection, now he is super adorable about maybe 2 feet and a quarter thick, so not very big at all. He eats like a champ. the issue that i am having is he BITE like all the time, he strikes and just goes insane!!!! i have talked to the breeder and he says he is just nippy and will grow out of it (i sure bloody hope so if he gets a good 10 feet lol) he told me to place one of my shirts in his tank so i did.... doesn’t seem to help what so ever lol, and as much as i love this lil guy im tired if freaking getting bit! he has gotten my hands arms ect ect ect. he is in a 25 gallon i think tank with lots of branches and stuff along with a couple of hides ect so he has lots of places to hide if he wants.

So basically just asking for some help and advice on taming this lil guy down before he get massive. I keep his handling to every second day for 3-7ish minutes depending on how he is doing.

thank you so much and hope to get some replies

(He is a Het Sharp albino)

Got him from a breeder in BC Canada

01/04/13  02:19am

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