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 Keeping heat up while gone

hey im going to be going home for christmas for 5 days, he has a heating pad under his hide. im going to keep the temp in the apartment around 80ish. will i need to leave a light on while im gone? i have a 50 watt black bulb and a 75 watt red bulb. only thing that scares me is that it could be a fire hazard. if it comes down to it i can have someone stay in my apartment or i could drop him off with someone but im trying to avoid that. if anyone has any opinions or ideas they would be greatly appreciated.

12/12/12  09:09pm


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 Keeping heat up while gone

The heat pad is not an issue ... neither are the lamps individually...combined temps will be too hot. I would test for a moderate middle ground temps setting like 82 F at night ...then during the day it will probably climb 5 or so degrees.

They will not create a fire hazard anymore than it would be from one day to the next. I have 12 enclosures going 24/7 with heat pads and lights , now that it is winter....

Just because you are going away for 5 days does not mean it will suddenly burst into flames. I go away for working road trips 4/5 days at a time and no issue has popped up yet...keeps fingers crossed.

12/13/12  04:46pm

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