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 Keeps hiding

I have one male one female 3" feet or so i just got them i kno it was dumb to buy snakes that big but but the guy i buy off i bout 6 other snakes off him
so these big guy an gal always hide they havent ate in three weeks i see like rainbowish coding skin an eyes r not blue but sometime the female gets nasty but both pretty tame y are thwy hiding like there shedinh they routine check during the day then bask a hr an hide again my other snakes dont do it its stange what can it be??stresd

11/27/12  02:30pm


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  Message To: Reptiles4u   In reference to Message Id: 2286482

 Keeps hiding

first of all NEVER house a male and female together. at 3 feet the males and because sexually active (he may be and may not be) and will "court" the female. forcing her to breed. get them separate cages ASAP. and then try and feed. if they still have not feed try live. if they still have not eaten. get a frozen and feed them at night and leave it in there all night long and hopefully it ill be gone in the morning. I had a boa that would NOT eat infront of me or if i was even in the same room as him he was a vary strange boa.

as for not eating. it could be a a few things. I have a female motley boa that only eats every 3-5 weeks and she is still a babe. and i hate it. i she will be small when she grow up if she keeps this up :-(

how long have they been with you? it could be new home, new smell kind of thing.

just trying leaving a frozen mouse in there over night with her.

11/29/12  01:13am

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