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 My snake dislikes baths + general questions

will he get more used to them as he gets older? luke warm water and i close the curtain so he feels safer. he almost tries to get out instantly. my ball python will sit in a bath for a half hour with no problem. but ik they are different species and snakes. i also dont spray his cage alot. usually once every 2 or 3 days. yes i know that isnt good im just a very buisy person and forget. hes really healthy but should i start doing it daily. hes in a 40 gallon breeder with a 50 watt red light. its the only one i have right now he also has a heating pad. but it seems he stays on his cold side more. he used to use his branch alot but never anymore just under it. is this ok? perfectly healthy and happy snake. gets fed in a feeding box, gets out of the cage alot and doesnt move too far. fed a rat or 2 rats on weekends.

11/05/12  08:28pm


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 My snake dislikes baths + general questions

You never mentioned how big the snake is?? Luke warm water maybe too warm , try cool water 70-75F
measure with a temp you have a temp gun...get 1
temp gun
You can measure the temps of anything by pointing and getting close ...1" and pushing / holding the button.
Some snakes just do not like 10 foot retic takes 10-15 minutes of wrestling to get calmed down in the tub...the 7’6" boa is calmer but always wants to go out, I only give a bath when shedding to help remove the skin.
Misting is somewhat important...but if you use cypress mulch as bedding the substrate stays moist longer. Let it dry out every few days and then re moisten. Too much moisture will also be bad for the snake...causes scale rot on the belly side.

A 40 breeder will be too small eventually.
The 50 watt light and the UTH (under tank heat) might be too need the temp gun to figure out the temps properly....stick on devices don’t tell you surface temps and they are highly inaccurate anyway. Get serious and get a temp gun...

11/07/12  11:07am

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