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 Boa breathing heavy?

title says it all, hes about 1.5-2 years old not too sure. 4 feet exactly. hes made a weezy breathing noise since ive had him but hes a perfectly healthy and happy snake. hes not doing it repeatedly like gasping for breath. but sometimes i notice it when i hold him he will breath out a bit every 10-20 minutes. my ball python doesnt do that so i dont know if i should be worried or not. also will he stop the clingy tail where he grabs everything with it as he gets older? its fine but when hes big its going to be a p.i.a lol. please help thanks, devin

11/05/12  08:23pm


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 Boa breathing heavy?

The tail is how they grab onto things and hold on...this is their security , if you notice , the tail gets pried off whatever and the snake starts to struggle more right away...fear of falling or lack of grip ..almost like a monkey tail ...prehensile.
Prehensile tail

As they get older and stronger they will be very difficult to get out from under couches and tables etc. Due to their ability to wedge or grasp themselves extremely tight onto /against something...too much fun!!

Large snakes will breathe more loudly...if you see bubbles and mucous/saliva bubbling in the mouth or nostrils you have a problem...if you see mucous trails on the glass have a problem
If in doubt consult a vet on the phone and get quotes for an office visit/check up

If you have stuck shed in the nostrils you need to increase humidity during the shed cycle so they actually come off / out ...they look like small inverted icicles ...some day you can examine the shed skin to see them...always make sure the eye caps release as well. A small dab of baby oil or mineral oil on the nostrils during the shed cycle will help moisten the skin...better yet, get the humidity up to 60-70% during that week or 2

Good Luck

11/07/12  11:20am

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