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 Lighting/Heating Question

I have a 4x2x2 Enclosure that I am planning on housing a red tail in. The cage was previously used for a monitor and for this enclosure the lights are hanging from the inside. I am wondering if that is okay for the red tail? They hang from the ceiling of the cage. Would i have to make modifications to the cage and put screen on top to set the lights on instead or will they not come in contact with it. Any help would be great

10/03/12  01:06pm


Mr olivers owner
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 Lighting/Heating Question

my snake is too young to go in the adult cage i have but i use a che to maintain the temp, it is blocked by a metal mesh cage inside the enclosure, there are others on here woth pics posted of the same set up, you could put the lights exturnally with wire top but that means your humidity will be difficult to maintain. how big is your snake now, or does it still have to grow into that cage like mine does.

10/03/12  03:40pm

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