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 Reptile Sanctuaries

I have a red tail boa constrictor that I can no longer take care of. How do I find out where there are reptile sanctuaries or pet shops that will take him. I live in Carpentersville, IL and everywhere I have tried says they have no room for him. I tried the local zoo and a birds and beasts pet shop that never even responded to my email. I found a reptile place in gurnee mills but they replied they have no room for him. I really need to find somewhere good for him to go. My family is freaking out about me having a snake around my kids because he has gotten so big. I am not worried about that be my son has held him before. I just know my money has gotten tight and I can no properly care for him anymore and I do not believe in the mistreatment of animals. I have had him a lil over three years. I really need help.

09/01/12  05:09pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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 Reptile Sanctuaries

I was raised with boas. If you keep a lock on the tank so the kids cant get in there with them ( or a lock on the door of the room to them) it isnt even an issue.

Now, the money being tight and no way to feed them. Thats a good reason to rehome them. The economy sucks. Sadly, there are few places to rehome snakes to, unless there is a reptile rescue or herpetological club in your area, it may be hard to find someone without putting up an Ad. When rescue agencies find out I like boas, they always try to pawn a few off on me- and Im all "I have two- thats plenty"

This is why I have chosen not to breed the pair I got to breed. There are SOOOO many people that get baby boas, then end up in JUST this sort of situation. These snakes live 20 years or more if well cared for. People need to think of the long term when getting them. (Not meaning to lecture YOU, but others who might be thinking of getting one who really dont have the space, time or commitment to home and house a 9-10 foot snake in a 6 foot tank for 20+ years.)

I wish you the best of luck in finding a place for your snake.

09/07/12  06:50am

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