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 New pair of breeding red tails, and question.

Hello, I haven’t been on this site in a long time, but I recently acquired a breeding pair of red tails from someone who didn’t want to take care of them and I was told the female was possibly gravid but he didn’t know for sure since she would look like she’s swelling at some points and she was still eating but has locked up with male numerous times. The female is a 6.5ft anery het albino and the male is about 5ft and also anery het albino. Both are sweethearts and locked up already when I had them together the first night I had them.
Now my questions, I’ve done a ton of research since I began keeping snakes and I still read a lot of information but I was wondering, when the babies are born I read they have an egg sack type thing they absorb and I shouldn’t move them until it’s gone but I also read that people cut the cord and tie it off if there isn’t much.. I know she might not even be pregnant but I’d rather know what to do before it happens. My next question is do I offer her food until she refuses or keep her off of it ? She ate last Monday I think.
I’ll try and get some pictures up when I can but thanks for reading.
P.s I do have people taking babies so i know how many they have, that I might be stuck with some for a while but I have a few friends interested in them.

08/06/12  09:23am


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  Message To: Venom6547   In reference to Message Id: 2275772

 New pair of breeding red tails, and question.

well since she may have been pregnant and you moved her, depends on how far along she was you could have killed all babies. this happened to a friend of mine where he bought a two and the guys did not tell him she was gravid and they one day BAM a whole crap load of dead babies :-(

as far as feeding i know that normaly few weeks before you try and get her gravid most people pump up there female snakes. (as some go off feeding while gravid) I do this with my female corns also just feed as much as they will take (but not to much to make them just sitt there for months and not breed)

as far as babies i am not 100% sure on that one. I have seen and heard of both just like you. If it was me i would take female out when i knew she was done and just wait for the babies to be done. but you have to get the female out at right time. if its to late she is going to be one pissed off momma :-)

08/07/12  07:33am


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Chameleon_man   In reference to Message Id: 2275878

 New pair of breeding red tails, and question.

Ive always heard of folks moving the babies, not the momma. And I would wait until they have absorbed the yolk all the way- it is the nutrition that will keep them until their first feeding. Impatience rarely pays off in a good way.

I would try not to stress out the momma any more, and let her get accustomed to her new environment. Good luck!

08/08/12  12:12am

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