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Buddy rich   Mr olivers owner   Fairy Frog Mother  

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Buddy rich
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 Why is his head wrinkly ??

he has a wrinkly head lol, never seen this in a boa, and he also had some stuck shed how do I get that off

07/16/12  10:22am


Mr olivers owner
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  Message To: Buddy rich   In reference to Message Id: 2273548

 Why is his head wrinkly ??

dehydration or just about to enter shed cycle...most likly shed cycle.

give him a warm water bath in your tub he’ll enjoy it and it can help both potencial issues

07/18/12  08:07am


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Mr olivers owner   In reference to Message Id: 2273792

 Why is his head wrinkly ??

Dehydration, definately. His tank is too dry- he needs higher humidity. Get yourself a hydrometer (available at pet stores) and keep it at 55%, bump up to 60-65 during shed cycles. (This can be done by adding soaked moss, placing a large water dish under or above a heat source, or using dampened coconut hull fiber bedding, squeezed out so its like a sponge) You dont want it TOO humid or it can also cause fungal issues. Having it be correct will help shedding, prevent respiratory issues and keep the snake healthy! Make sure to clean the water often (2-3 times a week) to keep bacteria down in the tank. Boas are susceptible to Lung infections otherwise.

08/09/12  05:05am

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