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 Heating question

i have 4 tanks one with a corn, one a red tail boa, one with 2 ball pythons and one with a savannah monitor and i must keep all in the basment. since the basment is cooler i put 2 lamps on each with a 250 wat heat bulb in it. this worked for about a month then it became to strong for it and now i can have only 4 plugd in at a time or else fire starts comeing from it and i really dont wanna burn my house down lol. so i am comptley stuck here on what to do for heating. the one lamp on each is keeping it warm just not warm enough so is there things i can do to help heat that arnt electrical? or is there something i can buy that i could plug all my lights in?

06/12/12  12:30pm


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  Message To: Snakes_are_awesome   In reference to Message Id: 2269742

 Heating question

just use a here mat for all of them but the monitor. that should do the trick.

06/16/12  11:08am


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  Message To: Chameleon_man   In reference to Message Id: 2270195

 Heating question

Use a surge protector. You would need 2 outlets for each tank. One for undertank heat (the heat tape works best) and one for a lamp overhead. I have 2 snakes, an 8 year old corn snake and a 6 year old colombian. They both have the same set up and are happy and healthy. Undertank heat tape for a constant source of heat and a metal shop light from Lowe’s with a 60-watt bulb in it. I turn it on in the morning before work and off at night around 9 p.m.
250-watts is definitely overboard.

06/28/12  09:26am

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