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My 5 year old boa has little bubbles coming out of his mouth. Im asuming its a respitory infection. Is there something i can do or does he need to go to the vet? I have had him since he was a baby and never had a problem. We did just have a natural disaster here in CT. We were with out power for 7 days. It got cold for 2 of those days. I did everything i could to keep him and us warm. Then we packed up and headed south to my grandmothers where there was power. He had a stressfull week from being cold to being moved then moved back. So now it looks like he has an RI. Any advice would be appreciated.

11/18/11  08:34pm


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What are the temps now and cool side? Since it sounds like you caught it early it’s best to raise temps continuously in the mid ninety’s...

A trip to the vet would be the best they can do as swab test and recommend an antibiotic with instructions on how to administer it. don’t let this go any further or you could lose the snake. Spend the 50-70.00 for the vet bill and prescription.

If you want to wing it and do the math and weigh the snake you can get BAYTRIL here for fighting infections and respiratory issues.


11/21/11  01:37am

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