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Broceaus   Fairy Frog Mother   DTN  
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 Insulating your cage.

Has anyone insulated their aquarium. 3 sides would be easy with foam board, but is there ab=ny kind of clear insulation?

10/05/09  09:31pm


Fairy Frog Mother
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  Message To: Broceaus   In reference to Message Id: 2080726

 Insulating your cage.

Actually your foam board idea would be good in that it will help your snake feel more secure not being in a "fishbowl" as it were.

You can get some clear plastic laminate thats made for house window insulation and put it on the outside, which might help a bit...but it may distort looking into the tank anyhow. Why not go for something that can be made to look more interesting, help your pet feel more secure and insulates better.

10/06/09  02:00pm


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  Message To: Fairy Frog Mother   In reference to Message Id: 2080940

 Insulating your cage.

Or you could get rid of the "fish tank", and purchase a reptile cage.

10/06/09  03:03pm

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