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 Living Gems Breeding Update (August 2015)

It’s time for the monthly update on Living Gems’ 2014 breeding season. As you may recall, we have eight breeding pairs this year

It was a surprisingly active August at Living Gems. Breeding pairs that I had no more than distant hopes for suddenly realized they had mates available…which will make for late, but nonetheless much appreciated, babies.

Ramses and Pearl, our hypo to het hypo pairing, continued to display signs of a possible litter. After an active May to July breeding period, Pearl ate only reluctantly at the start of the month. Otherwise, she has done nothing but hang out on the warm end of her enclosure, either directly on the heat (the first few days of the month) or the warm end of her hide (the entire rest of the month). Ramses is still ignoring her.

Kilimanjaro and Sodalite, our deep red pairing, also continued to display signs of a possible litter. Following a July spent hugging the heat, Sodalite shed on the 15th, and has done nothing else but lay on the front warm side of her enclosure, half-draped over the flexwatt area. Once or twice I caught her with her body partly turned to warm a certain spot. Kilimanjaro is ignoring her.

DuVall and Spessartine, one of our two high orange pairings, had nothing to report this month. April and June tail wraps aside, Spessartine continues to spend most of her time either lying on the *cool* side of her enclosure, or madly exploring her viv. She shed again on the 15th.

Prometheus and Malachite, our high red pairing, also had nothing to report this month. She shed again on the 25th.

Scarface and Almandine, our orange-red pairing, must be getting close. Almandine is now 137 days past POS, and looking huge. She moved from direct heat to her hide on the 16th, and has rarely emerged since. Her last litter ran long at 138 days, so she is due any day now.

Caesarion and Onyx, our second high orange pairing, continue to breed. After a mad June and July, however, this month they slowed it down. Almost the entire month was pent in a shared water bowl, where I witnessed a plug early in the month, a tail wrap on the 18th, and another two plugs late in the month.

Picasso and Tigers Eye, our high contrast pairing, finally came to life this month! On the 6th, I woke to the viv furniture being pushed all around, aggressive courting, and then a tail wrap. The next week saw more of the same. Later in the month Picasso went into shed and lost all interest, but we will see what September brings.

Franklin and Citrine, our golden orange pairing, also finally came to life this month! On the 5th I saw a shared water bowl and courting. On the 7th they holed up in the hide, and on the 8th were back in the water together. On the 11th they knocked about the furniture with aggressive courting, mid-month found a plug (so there was at least an attempted lock), and later in the month more furniture was found shoved and I witnessed a second attempted lock). Even as late as this morning, Franklin cornered Citrine on top of the hide to try and seduce her.

That brings our (very late!) seasonal total to one definite, two leaning, three in process, and two unlikely.

As always, thank you for reading!

Cliff Earle
Living Gems Reptiles
Premium Brazilian Rainbow Boas from a disease-tested facility
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08/31/15  01:26pm

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