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 Living Gems Holdbacks: Litter 2014-C (cont’d)

As the rainbow community closes in on baby season, we wanted to update our readers on some of our past holdbacks. We will profile one or two little ones each week for a total of 17….taking us well into baby season. Note that only the adults who make the end collection as breeders get formal names, so our younger snakes will be referred to by number (this both saves names, as there are only so many good gem ones available, and lets customers choose their own name for any we rehome).

Hailing from our 2014 “C” litter, we have #03, #09, and #10. These babies were born on November 18 to Ramses, a full old-line hypo, and Jasper, who is known for her bullseyes and dark face. Baby #09 and #10 were the top two females, with strong color and deep rich crescents.

We profiled Baby #09 last time.

Here is Baby #10 as of her most recent photo shoot:

She weighed 83 grams of her last weigh-in.

We will profile Baby #03 next time.

As always, thank you for reading.

Cliff Earle
Living Gems Reptiles
Premium Brazilian Rainbow Boas from a disease-tested facility
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07/23/15  01:32pm

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