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 Breeding Update 2015, Part 4

It has been four months now since we started the 2015 breeding cycle, so I wanted to give our customers and readers an update on progress so far. This is post number four of four, covering our seventh and eighth pairings.

Pair 7
Picasso and Tigers Eye, our high contrast couple, have had a rather quiet season so far. The two snakes seemed to completely ignore each other the first two months. This couldn’t have been true, however: I made the rookie error of adding Picasso back to Tiger’s enclosure only a day after she had fed, and two days later I found her regurgitated meal…I assume due to attention from him. Since then, I have seen no obvious activity…but Picasso, as a male who has been two for two in past breedings for us, obviously knows what he is doing; and Tiger is a healthy five-year-old, 2000-gram girl. Fingers crossed.



Pair 8
Franklin and Citrine, our golden orange couple, got off to a promising start, with her dropping urates all over the enclosure to attract his interest. That, unfortunately, was where any visible progress seemed to end: I have not seen any courting, wraps, or even plugs in the four months the two have been together. As with Picasso, however, Franklin is a twice-proven male; and Citrine is a healthy five-year-old, 1900-gram girl. Fingers crossed.


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I will give status updates on all eight pairings next month.

Thank you, as always, for reading,

Cliff Earle
Living Gems Reptiles
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05/27/15  01:50pm

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