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 Breeding Update 2015, Part 3

It has been four months now since we started the 2015 breeding cycle, so I wanted to give our customers and readers an update on progress so far. This is post number three of four, covering our fifth and sixth pairings.

Pair 5
Scarface and Almandine, our orange-red couple, were reunited this year after a successful 2013 pairing, so I had high hopes…and those seem to have panned out. Were he a human, I would say that Scarface was the perfect gentleman the night of introduction: he crawled into Almandine’s enclosure, headed for the top of the hide she was sleeping in, and just waited there…until Almandine stuck her head out to look at him, and seemingly invited him in…which he agreed to. They very same night they had a tail lock, followed by active courting. In late February, I noticed a second lock, this one on the side of the enclosure. In early March, I found a plug; in the middle of that month, I witnessed a third tail wrap in the morning. The next morning there was a plug in the water bowl. April saw a third plug. Just this past week, Almandine has started camping out on the heat…always a good sign. I feel good about this pairing.



Pair 6
Caesarion and Onyx, one of our high orange couples, got off to a quiet start…one that hid the fact that Caesarion is apparently a super stud in the making. Within a few weeks of introduction, I found the first plug of the season. Mid-February found a second plug, followed by several rapid water changes due to urate drops. In mid-March, there were several days of cohabitation, a third plug, an attempted tail wrap, and a fourth plug. Later that month, there were two more plugs. In early May, I found another three. Someone has been eating their Wheaties.

Shared Water

Close But Separate

I will continue with another two pairs later this month.

Thank you, as always, for reading,

Cliff Earle
Living Gems Reptiles
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05/19/15  01:57pm

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