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 Pairs 2015: Franklin & Citrine (Orng-Gold)

Finally, Living Gems is reaching the scale where we can pick and choose our breeder animals for the next year. We will have ten females large enough to breed this season, from which we will choose eight.

Our fifth pairing this year puts together Franklin and Citrine in pursuit of a golden orange litter. It is a new pairing, but with a proven male.

Citrine, an August 2009 female, is probably one of the friendliest rainbows I have ever met. She is often at the front of the tank, eager to greet whoever opens the door (and see if they maybe have food). (This may have to do with her smaller size: at 1881 grams, she is the lightest of our breeder girls…but man does she love her meals.)



She is also the younger sister of the sorely missed Topaz, one of the most gorgeous rainbows I have ever seen…so somewhere is those genes lurks glory. She was paired with Hades last year, and nothing came of the match. This year we will pair her with Franklin…


…a twice-proven golden yellow/orange breeder male. He is one of the most golden rainbows I have ever seen.



Franklin has thrown two litters in a row that had unusual features (one of large babies, and one with intense black borders), so here’s hoping he has more magic hidden in his “pants.” ;-)

If you like what you see in this LGR pairing, or any of our other pairings, please check out our Wait List on our Facebook page.

Thank you, as always, for reading.

Cliff Earle
Living Gems Reptiles
Premium Brazilian Rainbow Boas from a disease-tested facility
Website, Facebook

02/25/15  01:43pm


Reptile freako
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  Message To: Snakesitter   In reference to Message Id: 2312506

 Pairs 2015: Franklin & Citrine (Orng-Gold)

So!!!!!!!!! Cute!!!!!!!!!

03/02/15  01:57pm


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  Message To: Reptile freako   In reference to Message Id: 2312594

 Pairs 2015: Franklin & Citrine (Orng-Gold)

Awwww thanks Freako!

03/03/15  02:08pm


Reptile freako
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  Message To: Snakesitter   In reference to Message Id: 2312623

 Pairs 2015: Franklin & Citrine (Orng-Gold)

No problem

03/04/15  06:59am

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