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 What is Anery

i have a female Anery, and a 100% het male. what is anery? and what does het mean.
what are the some other morphs and what are they called?
i know what normal is and albino, but like snow, sun glow pastel, etc.
please educate the naive

09/07/06  05:10am


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  Message To: Derek5676   In reference to Message Id: 974317

 What is Anery

Anery in boas is the abscence of red pigmentation.

100% het would be that it is het for some recessive trait, but does not outwardly express that trait, it would need to be paired up and produce offspring with something that holds that same trait for it to show up in some of the offspring that you get.

Snows are albino anery’s. To get them you breed a albino and a anery together, which are both recessive genes, all the babies will appear to be normal, but will be double het for albino and the anery gene. Breeding double het to double het will give you the chance at getting snows, which is a 1 in 16 chance, as well as getting some albinos, anerys, and even normal looking possible double hets.

Sunglow is a hypo albino, hypo being a co dominant gene, and well albino being recessive.

Pastel really is more of a trait gotten from selective breeding animals so they have certain looks and characteristics to them.

Look deeper into genetics of some morphs out there, and into genetics themselves, and you can grasp this stuff pretty easily to a certain extent anyways.

ES Tropicals

09/08/06  01:39pm


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  Message To: ES_Tropicals   In reference to Message Id: 975670

 What is Anery

so here is another question that goes with this topic. what should i expect to get from breeding two anery 100%het snow?

09/27/06  07:46pm


Florida boy
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  Message To: Boababe   In reference to Message Id: 1000019

 What is Anery

Anerys(66% het albino), and snows.

75% anerys 66% het snow
25% Snow

09/28/06  06:59pm

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