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 Amelia-ES Tropicals ?

Hello Amelia :)
I noticed from your post you keep/breed boas in your basement. I was hoping you could tell us a bit about your light cycles. How many hours of light do they get in the summer/feeding months. And what about the winter/breeding months? Thank you very much for all of your informative post here.

08/16/06  04:59am


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  Message To: Dwight   In reference to Message Id: 941938

 Amelia-ES Tropicals ?

Well sorry to really just be seeing this post now, I suppose I would have to really say that because of how all our various things are set up in cages and rack systems, that we donít tweek around with the light cycles. I mean sure sometimes we flip the basement lights on all day, and then shut off at night, and well light comes in some of the windows that let light in down there, other than that its all temperatures.

Here in Michigan with the animals in the basement, once it gets cooler outside, it really helps cooling off the basement and such. Though we really start the boas around here typically in december.

ES Tropicals

08/19/06  08:33am


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  Message To: ES_Tropicals   In reference to Message Id: 946971

 Amelia-ES Tropicals ?

Thank you Amelia
Iím so confused. You breed your boas by only giving them a temp drop. Yet on another site a well known breeder told me he breeds by only reducing their photo period. And on another site someone told me his will breed if he stops feeding them. And yet on another site a breeder says to feed them VERY heavy to get them to breed.
Mr confused

08/24/06  12:07am


Florida boy
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  Message To: Dwight   In reference to Message Id: 954390

 Amelia-ES Tropicals ?

Dwight i feel your pain. Now what i have learned is no one is right and no one is wrong. Some people like to stop feeding,adjust photo period, adjust temps,re raise temps and they have great success. Other people dont do anything apart from putting the two togeather and letting them go at it. Some people just house them togeather and they breed, they dont even stop feeding them at all. There is no right or wrong. RioBravo is dead set with there seasonality meathod and Jeff Ronne doesnt even cool his boas, both are very successful. Different meathods similar results , both breeders produce multiple successful litters every year.

Now he is something you may have looked over. RioBravo stated on their article(I guess you would call it) that the main group of constrictors that NEED seasonality is BCC, like Surinams and Peruvians. It isnít a must for BCI as it is for BCC. And again Iím sure there are plenty of people who successfully breed BCC with out cooling and such.

Another thing these big breeders state is that females must be at least 3 years old to breed, now while this is Ideal I know of several litters from 18month old females . Still not a good idea but it can be done. There was a somewhat controvercial litter of Motley boas born this year to a 18 month old female that apperantly had the size and weight.

What i am trying to say is you have to gather info from multiple reputable sources and find a happy solution for your self. Personally i will be incorporating some cooling into my Colombian pairing and of course reduce food intake prior to introduction, but with my Nicaraguan pairing/s I will simply stop feeding them and thats it.

Also taske into concideration how different every ones meathods are . Jeff Ronne calculated a very accurite number of days between ovulation and parturition and between POS and parturition, however Rio Bravo places little to no faith in counting days despite how acurite it is.

08/24/06  09:45pm

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