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 Simple genetics question

Simple for many of you, but not so simple for me. I am a visual morph person myself and the whole het thing throws me off. Hets are like the lottery to me, its all a gamble. Anyways...

I was just wondering if you would only get hypos and normals from the following breeding, or is there a chance for something more if the hets prove out.

salmon ph albino X pastel dream (product of scarlet hypo X ivory anery)

And then what if I keep a few of the babies and breed them back to the parents?

Its nothing I am going to be doing anytime soon, just something I am considering.

07/11/06  12:15pm


Florida boy
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 Simple genetics question

With the breeding described above you would get hypos and normal(varying pastel) that are 50% het for anery. The only way to prove the albino gene is to breed the salmon to either an Albino or 100% het albino. and I guess the Hypos would be Pastel Hypos.

07/11/06  09:31pm

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