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 Okay... So Iím not cooling...

I know when cooling you should stop feed 2 weeks prior to the actual cooling, but when do you stop when you donít cool? Iíve not gone this route before so I thought Iíd try to get the opinion of all you non-coolers. Do you just stop when you introduce the male?

07/10/06  04:52pm


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  Message To: Thyroidless   In reference to Message Id: 876884

 Okay... So Iím not cooling...

In all technical ways, we donít actually cool our boas by adjusting their cage temps, they will often just cool themselves by laying on the cool end here, we leave the heating elements the same temps they always are here and the animals will do the rest, and we end up with babies from various boas every year, so something is going right.

In michigan though our fall and winters are quite cool, and with our animals in the basement, when it gets cool outside, our basement cools off, and that we contribute to our animals cooling periods and breeding season.

We will continue feeding them throughout this period, or smaller meals on a less frequent basis until we return everything from the cooling period to its normal feeding schedule.

ES Tropicals

07/10/06  09:31pm


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  Message To: ES_Tropicals   In reference to Message Id: 877441

 Okay... So Iím not cooling...

i donít cool my boas. i wait about 2-3 weeks after the final feeding to introduce the males

07/13/06  03:36pm

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