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i have a 2k4 het albino female i would say she is around 5 to 6 feet long and i have a albino male that is a year in a half and pushing almost 4 feet i was wondering if its ok to breed them togther this season.....? Also i was wondering wat time of the year do these types of snakes breed and how can i help induce mateing?

06/02/06  11:35pm


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Well while the male seems to sound good size to where he should be breedable, females need to have the length, as well as proper body weight before you even consider doing it as well, most decent sized breeding females are at least 3 years old or close to it when they should be decent enough to take on the task of breeding. When to do it, well depending on where your at this can vary, generally many breedings are done in your fall and winter months varying when you start by when that is depending on location. Here we do it by adjusting temps, though honestly we leave the boas temps normal all the time, donít tweek them at all here, an easy explanation is that everything here is in the basement, and well the Michigan fall and winter temps help to cool the basement temps down pretty well outside of the cages, so it seems to work out pretty well for the boas, I can say other things do get temp adjustments with drops and such during specific hours. We typically start cycling the animals here in december, last year we started in october, but its sometimes an experiment every breeding season to figure out what will work best for which animals breeding wise here.

ES Tropicals

06/02/06  11:46pm

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