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can sumone tell me how i can tell if my female red is gravid she waz housed wit a male before i got her and after i got her she shed and that waz lik 2 weeks ago and she is goin in to shed again

04/28/06  11:43pm


Blade Redwind
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Of you check out he has an entire report about brreding I just found a few days ago and printed out. Anyway, it tells you about the P.O.S (Post Ovulation Shed) It should be able to give you better insight to what your asking.


04/29/06  04:33pm


Florida boy
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  Message To: Blade Redwind   In reference to Message Id: 763866


Gravid swelling looks kinda like a nerf foot ball inside the last 1/3 of the boas body. Like a large meal too far down. But yes read that article.

05/01/06  08:05pm

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