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 Question about my Female Red tail

I have had my male in with my females for about 2 months I have noticed she has been putting on a good amount of weight she always is under her heat light and she sometimes lays her mid half upside down.. Is this a good indication she is gravid? I put the male back in with her just to see what would happen and she moved away from him every time he would come to her.. also if she does sound to be gravid could someone tell me a good temp to keep her at and some info. Thanks very much

02/03/06  04:22pm


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 Question about my Female Red tail

well, the rolling over of the mid-section is no sign one way or the other. It often means, to much heat coming from above and none below. Her moving away however is a good indication that she has been bred. I would seperate them for a week, keeping the male very warm for a week or so, maybe 90 to 95 degrees in a seperate cage, then reintroduce and watch very close. The week of heat will make the male more active than normal. If the female still moves from him, I would say you have a gravid female. As for her, if she infact does turn out to be gravid i would keep her between 79 and 84 degrees with good humidity. Never let the temp drop below 72 degrees, if you do you increase the chance of RIís, and treating an RI in a gravid female may prove to be difficult. Her rolling opens up lots of questions, how is the temp in the cage??? it consistant?? the light above to hot??....ect........i would investigate.......i personaly use the little stickable check temp in several areas of the cage.....

02/03/06  08:39pm


Florida boy
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  Message To: Boa_matser   In reference to Message Id: 634266

 Question about my Female Red tail

I would definatly get a UTH. Belly heat is always better. Her rolling over is a sign that she is too cold. It also could be a sign that she is gravid. Im not sure about the gravid temps so I wont comment on them. Um, the stick on themometers metioned above are no good. They are very inacurite,take temp of the wrong area(who cares what the back walls temps are they dont lay on the back wall) the coil inside the cheap stick ons wear out fairly quickly(put it in the freezer and watch it stay stuck on 80f) .
A much better themometer is a digital one that you can get at walmart for 12$ tells you hot side cool side and humidity in one unit. Very acurite also I would get a temp gun. Cant beat the acuracy of a good temp gun.
Also I would lose the light and get a UTH.
Gravid females should be left alonewith no lights on for stress reasons.
I would post some pics especially the whole body shots so we can see the swelling. Check out Jeff Ronnes article on breeding it has a lot of good info and hopefully you will beable to identifie the swelling and get an accurite countdown to babies about 105 days after the post ovulation shed.breeding

02/04/06  12:12pm

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