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 How many females can i breed my male with

RedTail Boas~
Hey guys, Im getting into breeding and wanted to know how many females i could mate with one male. I would be switching my male from one tank to another after the cooling process. Is it possible for one male to enpregnate three females in one season. Also, my male is a hypo 66%het for anery, and i will be breeding him to a het anery and also a normal redtail, as of now. I wanted to know what percentage of what i would end up with. Also, if i were to get one more female, what would you’ll suggest if i wanted to get some interesting offspring, maybe some offspring that i could pay for my habbit/hobby of snakes with. Thanks


12/01/05  06:26pm


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 How many females can i breed my male with

One lone male should have no problem breeding 3 females, rotate him in and out of each female, be sure to give him a few days off during the breeding process, especially with going from female to female, the males need a break too you know lol. You should get hypos, anery colombians, and ghost boas (anery hypos), as well as normal siblings 66% het anery I believe with breeding him to the het anery female, might want to try it can be helpful sometimes when you put in the right info for it.

ES Tropicals

12/01/05  08:25pm

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