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 Ready to breed

i now have a 6 foot female and a 8 foot mail red tail boas. i really want to breed them but am not sure where to start. Iíve red some books, done some research, but almost every different web page and book tells me something completely different. i would like some help from people who have successfully bred red tails. my female is 8 years old and Iím not sure on the male. if anyone could help me with the following i would appreciate it
1. cooling temps
2. temperament (is she going to be aggressive?)
3. How long does it take and how long will they be together?
4. gestation
i donít plan on dong this for awhile now but i want all the info i can and lots of time to understand it....thanx...

10/27/05  09:50pm


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 Ready to breed

Well of course you will read and hear things from every person you go to, as most of the time every person breeds their animals differently based on what they have come to the conclusion on what works best when cycling and breeding their animals, here we typically start the cooling period in the start of november, as far as breeding those two, I hope that the female gets bigger, smaller males typically work out better to breed larger females, rather than the other way around, although not saying that a larger male and a smaller female couldnít get the job done.

Cooling temps well..everyone has their different opinions on that, often we just lower the heating elements down a few degrees over the process of cooling, and well michigan weather helps out perfectly with our animals in the basement, it helps further in lowering the temps for cycling the animals, although right now it seems the boas are starting to cool themselves now that its getting cooler, seeing more of them on the cool ends of their enclosures than on the heat. Temperment..well gravid animals can get a bit grumpy, then again when you know something is definately gravid, its probably best to move them only when absolutely necessary, and basically just leave them alone through this period.

Generally the gestation for colombian bciís will be 105-107 days POS-post ovulation shed, which you start counting after the female has her ovulation and sheds, if they ovulate and they are fertilized at this time, that is when the development will start to happen, if they are not fertilized at this time, the female will just reabsorb it. How long to put them together, we will begin introducing males into the females throughout the 3 month cooling period here and even after that they will continue breeding, usually by leaving the male in there for days at a time and taking him away for a few days and then reintroduction and so on.

Now something else to help..I guess I will PM it to ya.

ES Tropicals

10/29/05  11:35am


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  Message To: ES_Tropicals   In reference to Message Id: 525380

 Ready to breed

It usually produces better success when a smaller male is used with a larger female. Iím not so sure that You will be successful, as the male is much stronger and more aggressive, but, will things line up right so to speak with the great size difference. Youíd be amazed that a 4 foot male will usually breed even the largest of females. I would be a bit concerned about You getting Your hopes up on this combination though. Give it a try if You will, just donít be too disappointed if it doesnít work out. Good luck!

11/04/05  07:39pm

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