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 Is She Ready For Breeding???

I have a 9 foot 35 pound Female boa in prime condition. She is so nice and lovable and is never in a mood. I just acquired a 7 1/2 foot boa which is a male, and was wondering if now would be a good time. The female is very plump and healthy and so is the male. They are being house separately but was wondering if I could put him in her tank for a week. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

09/13/05  06:36pm


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 Is She Ready For Breeding???

Just because you toss a male in with a female though, they may breed but you donít always get offspring, as for breeding sizes, I would say that female is more than ready, and she should definately throw a nice sized litter for you should it come to that, we donít start lowering the temps here to cycle for a few months ourselves, but in captivity you can pretty much breed all year round granted you can get all the temps and such right. Best of luck though, some people say they donít cycle their animals, and some do, I think it can depend on the area you are in and the climate at the different times of the year too, the winters here in MI, really help out with cooling the animals to breed here it seems. They will breed on and off for weeks/months through the breeding season too, and of course separated for feeding purposes. This year our boas got the year off, but in previous years we have gotten litters each year. Feel free to PM me about any questions you have, I am more than happy to help and point you in the direction of information as well.

ES Tropicals

09/13/05  10:34pm

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