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 Reference material?

Hello Everyone,
I was hoping some of you could point me to some good online references for Boa Breeding. I have never bred anything before, and have no plans to right now, but I would like to gain the knowledge at least for future use as I would like to breed boas once I retire. Thanks in advance for your help!!

Best Regards,

05/01/05  03:34PM


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  Message To: PappyJohn   In reference to Message Id: 329642

 Reference material?

your best bet would be to find and read all that you never hurts to know all that you can plus different sites and books have different information.

05/01/05  03:38PM


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  Message To: Tefoe   In reference to Message Id: 329648

 Reference material?

You will hear different breeding info wherever you read and whoever you talk to personally, Jeff Ronne, has a good article on breeding them on his site, also try the forums he has on that site, a lot of good boa people there, and you should be able to find some good info on breeding them there.

05/01/05  08:32PM


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  Message To: ES_Tropicals   In reference to Message Id: 329990

 Reference material?

Jeff Ronne also has a section on breeding in "the Boa Constrictor Manual"

05/02/05  12:30PM


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  Message To: Carmelita   In reference to Message Id: 330533

 Reference material?

Jeff Ronne also has a breeding video that is like 50 bucks, but, gives You some good information and gives You his opinion about some inaccuracies that Hes heard over the years. He will definitely not win any awards for video quality,music, or humor with this film, but, what Your buying is a few secrets.

05/16/05  08:05PM


Rick L.
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  Message To: Munkyboy   In reference to Message Id: 344337

 Reference material?

Regarding Boa Breeding its rather simple beyond what most people say and Jeff Ronnie does point out in his video if you listen carefully the general publics biggest mistake while breeding boas. I have been breeding boas for many years and I do know Jeff personally through shows and he has purchased animals from Mr.Joe Terry ( My former boss, who trained me to breed these awsome animals). I can break it down simple to you on what to do , time frames , temp ranges ( depending on the locallity of the species). as always have a wonderful day, :)

06/25/05  07:20PM

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